These are applications that use FANDOM API.

Active Edit

  • Padawan Graph- Interactive Chart of all Master and Apprentice relationships in the Star Wars galaxy, deriving information from Wookieepedia
  • Community Apps - published by FANDOM for specific wikis or general wiki topics
  • LyricWiki Apps, including Lyrically App - apps that use data from Lyrically (previously LyricWiki) API to combine Lyrically articles with songs being played on mobile device
  • Yugioh Reddit Card Info- Yu-Gi-Oh Reddit community has information about cards automatically displayed through the FANDOM API

Deprecated Edit

Some of these were discontinued for the time being, due to inconsistent data and other incompatibilities.

  • Rottentomatoes TV Tomatometer - Partnership between Wikia and Rottentomatoes presented content directly from FANDOM
  • Sony TVSideview - Partnership between FANDOM and Sony TVSideview to present FANDOM content on the app
  • Palantir- Official companion app to the Shadow of Mordor game, gathering content from the official Shadow of Mordor Wiki