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This article describes basics of Wikia Content API and concepts used in API documentation page.

How to access Wikia Content API?Edit

Every wikia has its API accessible through URL: {wikidomain}/api/v1/.

For example:

Please note that some methods (such us WAM score or wikia details) are available only on

Before using our API, please make sure to read our terms of use.

Usage examplesEdit

Articles - acquire information about articlesEdit

Wikias - acquire information about wikiasEdit

User - get information about Wikia usersEdit



Single instance of a website about given subject, usually under <xyz-domain>


Single sub-page in the wiki, it can be article page, file page, category page, etc...


Single sub-page in the wiki but only belonging to the article namespace.


Pages on a MediaWiki are grouped into collections called "namespaces", which differentiate between the purpose of the pages at a high level. Pages in certain namespaces can also have special properties or behave differently when they interact with other pages.


In the mediawiki system, Namespace+Title is an universal identifier for resources. Every resource (Article, File, Category, etc) has its title and it is as good as numeric ID.


Any media element supported by Wikia (mainly videos and images) which are stored in a file page of a given wiki. Files are stored in namespace number 6. Wikia does not host video streams itself, we store only thumbnail and metadata, video streams comes from external providers.


Categories are defined by users. Every article can have unlimited number of categories.


Each of the three main Wikia verticals which contain information related to either Videogames, Entertainment or Lifestyle.


Every article on the wiki has its revision. If user edit the article, new revision is created, the older version of the article is not deleted. You can access previous article revision by it’s revisionId.

Complex parametersEdit


comma separated numbers should be provided

  • “0” - will contain main namespace pages only
  • “0,6” - will contain files and main namespace pages
  • “6,14” - will contain files and category namespace pages


category name should be provided, this param is case sensitive, also all special chars should be included, only one value is accepted

  • “Characters”
  • “Animated Characters”
  • “Play-Along Video Characters”


hub name should be provided, param is case insensitive, only one value is accepted

  • “gaming”
  • “lifestyle”
  • “entertainment”


two letter language code should be provided, comma separated multiple values are accepted

  • “en”
  • “en,de,es”
  • “fr,it,pl”

one lang version: two letter language code should be provided, only one value is accepted

  • “en”


articles id should be provided, comma separated multiple values are accepted

  • “1”
  • “2,60,3,6542”
  • “544,50”

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