Since FANDOM wikis are built on top of MediaWiki, the MediaWiki API can be used to access most of the data on our sites. In addition, the LyricWiki API gives access to LyricWiki and the FANDOM Custom API provides access to many of our wiki-specific features (LatestPhotos, etc.).

MediaWiki API DocumentationEdit

The MediaWiki API is built into every wiki that runs MediaWiki (whether on FANDOM or elsewhere, such as Wikipedia). It gives functionality for interacting with articles in a way that covers many use-cases.

LyricWiki API Documentation Edit

The LyricWiki API is specific to accessing LyricWiki. It allows you to pass in an artist, song name, or album, and find the page that matches it (it's very forgiving on incorrect spelling and nicknames, etc.). For legal reasons, the API is not allowed to provide full-lyrics at the moment. It currently provides a fair-use sample (to verify that the match is correct) and a link to the page where the full lyrics can be viewed.

Client Libraries Edit

There are client libraries in many languages for these APIs. Please refer to the Client libraries page for more information & a support matrix.



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