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This is the official app of LyricWiki, the community-powered lyrics site with over 1.5 million songs! This free app lets you quickly access the full lyrics to any song as well as discographies for any artist, sorted by album. Type-ahead searching makes it fast to find what you're looking for and get right to the lyrics.

The app is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.


  • Auto-complete
  • Discographies for artists, grouped by album
  • iTunes Top 9 images on main screen
  • Over 1,700,000 lyrics with more added every day
  • Fully licensed: royalties are paid to publishers
  • Powered by a wiki community - constantly updated!
  • These lyrics have had 5 years of review and editing from hundreds of thousands of users! This is the single most accurate lyrics collection anywhere.

Wikia APIs/Frameworks Used

LyricWiki API

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