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Re:Connora Word Key Returns

Hinata Miku

cover of Re:Connora Word Key Returns as Hinata and Miku

Re:Connora Word Key Returns

Re:Connora Word Key Returns is Light is a novel or a novel that tells about reincarnation Lightweight between Hinata Serizawa (reincarnation of Andrew Ferdinand) and Miku Akihisa (reincarnation of Ayuka Yunatawati) into the future is still in the 21st century The story begins with Ayuka and Andrew who got a card file and mysterious named Re: Incarnation Game. After receiving the file and the card, their lives ended tragically in a different way. Andrew (Hinata Serizawa) died in hit and run accident and Ayuka (Miku Akihisa) hired thugs attacked and killed reincarnated into the future.

After reincarnated into the future is still the 21st century, they were brought together in the same grade school and start a new life full of mystery and fight. Together with his friends who are members of the group The Connoras, they are fighting to protect the world from the dark lord

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